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Official Resignation

EZ/SFhunter by Malific
Januray 10th, 2003 to August 22nd, 2010

Well, I guess it's time for me to give up the ghost on these guys.

I don't play DR anymore, and have been fixing bugs and attempting to update the scripts with help from players sending me text. I keep thinking to myself "I'll update this soon, or I'll add in that"... yeah I've been doing that for over a year now without any real serious time/ability/motivation to get the big stuff done.

As such this is my official announcement that I will no longer be modifying current or adding new systems to SFhunter/EZhunter. This means I won't be putting in belt-knives, off-hand melee fighting, or any of the other features and requests in my "to-do" list. If needed I will still squash bugs and add monsters within the current existing systems.

With SFhunter/EZhunter being so widely used, I do feel a bit of responsibility towards making it remain viable for use by the community, so rather than simply going Cold Turkey I'm requesting some one who might be willing to take over the reins and maintain the script for future users.

I'm not talking someone to fix bugs, or just keep it working. I'm looking for some one I can literally pass the script to that can take what is there and make it their own. I of course will teach how it works to whoever takes over, but hope for it to evolve into something I'll be unfamiliar with as the new owner adds in, removes, and rewrites it's code.

I really only have 3 condition as far as passing off the script if anyone wants to Officially take it over (I can't stop anyone 'unofficially' taking it over of course).

1) Know DR scripting... know it well.
Me teaching how to do everything would counterproductive since I don't have the time to do that. Basically be able to read the code and at least half way be able to tell where the script will go under certain circumstances and why, I can work with you from there.

2) Have your own Hosting.
Be that uploading to DRsecrets, some other script site, or having a full site of your own, doesn't matter. Just have a place to put it so everyone can access it, that doesn't rely on me. Malific.com is mine and always will be, and I use it for more than just my scripts though they are the main pages. I have no intention of passing my site anyone and also if "Malific" isn't making it anymore Malific.com shouldn't be where people go to get it. That being said I'll always maintain a link on Malific.com pointing to the site/page/file of the current version, so long as the new author keeps me informed of where it is.

3) Want it. Mean it. Own it.
Not really something I can check until after I've passed it off, but the script is a bit of a behemoth, if you're going to offer to take ownership, don't just play with it for a month then drop it, there are people out there that use it and will need fixes in the future for when DR arbitrarily changes all it's "you're"s to "you are"s and other more extensive problems. I'm looking for someone dedicated and willing to put in for the long haul.

I first started these scripts at the beginning of 2003, it was a full month of research and typing before I had it where it could hunt skin and loot with just 1 weapon type, and another month before it could do all weapons. Since then I've had to rewrite EZhunter twice, Create and Rewrite SFhunter for Stormfront, and maintain by fixing bugs both from my own mistakes and minor changes in combat from SIMU for years all while adding in new systems, features and tweaking how old ones worked to get the best exp gain for everyone. All told I wouldn't be surprised if I spent at least a solid six months of my life doing nothing but typing and testing these scripts. So, be prepared to put in a good deal of effort.

If no one steps forth to take control, I will maintain the script and keep it bug free, but if SIMU's new combat system breaks it, that will most likely be the end of the script. Also if anyone just wants to take it and do with it as they please without working with me on it.. well go right ahead. Not that I can stop you anyway, but I've never made any bones about people editing the script for their own purposes as long as I got a little credit for the script as a whole... well no more need to credit it me as I consider this announcement the end of my "ownership" of it.

I will maintain all my scripts, as they currently are as well. But as with my hunters I won't be adding new systems into them, but since most of them are very simple almost any major change to their systems will be fixable relatively quickly, still if anyone wants to take over any of my other scripts I won't turn you away.

I remember playing DR when it was Beta on AOL before my age was double digits, now I'm creeping up on 30. It's been a fun time for me, but all things must come to an end.

Malific Drockmur