Malific's light and sound!

Highlights - 25 KB
Sounds - 65,500 KB
These are the highlights I use when I play DR, All my characters use the same settings so you will see a lot of guild specific stuff happening as well.
Be warned, the background you see now is but a small part of the changes these highlights make. Playing DR for me is like an on call drunken christmas party, with lights and sound going off everywhere.

The sound pack is really what makes this so great for me, I have over 1185 strings tied to sounds. The vast majority of which are from the long dead DR sounds site Grimoire of Echoes (ALL their strings and sounds are in this pack.)
A very few are ones I put in myself, like the "Matt Damon" from Team America that plays whenever you see the body of another player. You'll also get to hear my lovely voice from circa 2004 saying "It's bleeding." whenever you see a bleeder, or some bandages fall off (bandage being the operative word) however all the other speaking parts are NOT me I used to know who it was but I forgot. Oooo and the first time the game tells you YOU HAVE BEEN IDLE TOO LONG. PLEASE RESPOND. hehe you'll never expect that one but you'll never miss it either unless your sound is off.

Let's just say almost every significant thing in game has a sound effect, from the sun and moons rising, spell casts, critters coming into rooms (not all but a lot), and combat... Combat is great with sounds. Especially if you're using my script and get distracted, you can tell if the thing freezes cause you won't hear you're own attacks anymore. (Simutronics Policy is to not afk while scripting do not leavetheroomgopottygetadrinkwatchtvturnyourheadcoughcloseyoureyesblinksneezesniffleblowyournoselaughcryclapscratchyourballsraiseyourhandshootabirdtwiddleyourthumbsbiteyournailsoranythingelse that removes your hands from the keyboard... youhavebeenwarned.)

Malific inhales deeply.
So where was I? As yes, You see? you want? Below tells you how to get it. Please note the Installation Instructions are 98% plagiarized from Isharon and his highlights page HERE. With minor editing to represent my files.


Backing up Your Settings: First, you should export a backup copy of your settings. That way, if you don't like my settings, you can revert to your own settings.

1. Open StormFront, and go to Options -> Settings -> Export.
2. Make sure that all of the boxes are checked.
3. Click Browse to select a suitable location and name for your file.
4. Click Export.

Importing My Settings: Before you install my highlights, you need to tell StormFront to store your settings locally, rather than on the server. If you attempt to store your settings on the server when you have too many highlights, they will not work. To prevent this:

1. Go to Options->Settings->Location
2. Select Local for all options
3. Click Okay

Now you are ready to import my settings. First, you must download my settings file. Then open StormFront, and go to Options -> Settings -> Import.

To extract the settings file from the ZIP file, use a program like WinZip or WinRAR.

Below I have indicated which settings must be applied, which are optional (your choice), and which must not be applied, because they are not included in my settings file.

* Custom highlights: clear and import all
* Name highlights: Import all (so you don't lose yours)
* Ignore highlights: don't import (not included)
* Macro Keys: don't import (not included)
* Variables: don't import (not included)
* Scripts: don't import (not included)
* Window Configuration: optional
* Palette and Colors: import all

Browse for my settings file (Malific color and sound.xml), which you downloaded, and click Import.

Importing My Sounds: If you want to use my sounds, you will need to download my Sounds set. The sounds will not work unless you change the file path for each sound or use the same file path that I used.

C:\Program Files\Games\DragonRealms\StormFront\Sounds\

Using my file path is the easier method. Create the Sounds folder there, and extract my WAV files into that folder.

Should you choose your own path just open the .xml file in a plain text editor and do a replace all, replacing C:\Program Files\Games\DragonRealms\StormFront\Sounds\ with which ever path you chose.