Advanced Usage for the ACTION Verb

This usage is rather unique. I've found that certain strings are automatically highlighted by the Wizard Front End, and that using ACTION, or ACT as I will call it from here out, can simulate these, causing the Wizard to highlight your ACTs.

So far, I only know of two such strings.
says, "
whispers, "

All you need to do, is tack either one of these into your ACT, and the Wizard will pick it up and highlight it plus EVERYTHING in front of it.

There are only two limitations to this.
1) The string itself must be exact with spacing, punctuation, and capitalization.
2) You can only have 50 characters (letters, spaces, punctuation marks, etc.) from the beginning until the space just after the comma. Meaning the SPACE has to be #50, or LESS in order for the ACT to be highlighted.

(Malific ran back and forth for a while then says, "I'm tired.")
In this, the comma is #50 so it doesn't highlight.

(Malific ran back and forth for a ways then says, "I'm tired.")
Here, 'while' was changed to 'ways' which moved the space into the #50 slot, causing the Wizard to highlight it.

When doing this, keep in mind that your name may be longer or shorter than my name, Malific. So you should alter your phrases to match, using more or less. Also remember that the space can be #50 or LESS, you don't try to make it fit exactly, you can be short and sweet if you like.

(Malific kisses Tattianna and says, "You taste good.")

You can now use ACT's [text] To produce ownership actions.

ACT's head feels awful.
Results in..
(Malific's head feels awful.)