This script is not designed for a freshly rolled Trader!
This script is not designed for AFK use! You can be killed while trading if you don't pay attention!
I highly advise you learn HOW to trade and do some manual runs BEFORE using this script.
AND LISTEN TO THE GUILDLEADER! - Unlike most guilds there are a number of things in thier welcoming speech that you ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW!
Contract trading was revamped a while back, and doing contracts is no longer profitable for a freshly rolled Trader.
The first thing you want to do, is forage for sticks and branches outside the NE Gate and sell them to Mags till she won't take them anymore. Here's a script for it.
Once you make 5 gold she stops buying. I advise you get it all, it'll give you a good amount to compensate for the intial losses you'll take trading contracts.
This will also get your forage high enough you can get grass for your caravan.
And finally you NEED (meaning HAVE TO HAVE) a few items for this script.
1) a worn feedbag
2) 2 items to appraise
3) Jugglies
4) A ledger! DUH!
The reasons for this?
The feedbag keeps your caravan alive, Get one in the trader shop, or if you aren't circle 5 yet have another trader get one for you.
The Appraisal and Jugglies keep you on the ferry long enough so you don't get off the ferry on the same side you got on.

I know the Trader guild is pretty empty these days, so it's hard to get the advice you need.
If you need help contact me, my info is in the left menu.

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B = Both FE's
W = Wizard Only
S = StormFront Only
ST = Special Thanks to
P = Personalization for [NAME]
G = GitHub script-shop link

As of 11/16/2010:
B - Fixed an issue with partners and teachers freezing up when master leaves an outpost. - ST MAB

As of 10/13/2010:
B - Fixed climbing issue since Simu randomly changed a room description. - ST Otsuton

As of 9/22/2010:
S - Fix freeze with script not reading compendiums. - ST Otsuton

As of 07/13/2010:
B - Script will now "open gate" in Shard at night for Interprovential trading. - ST Jettolf

As of 07/04/2010:
B - Added a secondary match to Compedium getting on Leth ferry to handle lag situations. - ST Otsuton
B - Added another succesful climbing section to Crossings West Gate walls (CLIMB7:). - ST Otsuton

As of 2/11/2010:
B - Removed 1 Juggling Cycle from T_JUGGLE: since it was running a few seconds long. - ST DANIEL B

As of 8/27/2009: S - Fixed LabelError for CLIMB8B. - G - ST Big Kaz

As of 8/22/2009:
B - Altered Origami Exhale matches to keep in line with Simu's Code changes. - G - ST teshiron

As of 7/18/2009:
B - Added success handling for another climb section. - G - ST Kisuke DR

As of 06/20/2008:
B - Fixed unknown Command error caused by 6/6's Climb fix. - G - ST Brandon Stice
S - Fixed Compendium looping issue when you've read all of it. - G - ST Big Kaz

As of 06/06/2008:

B - Added success handling for another climb section. - G - ST Big Kaz

04/11/2009 - Started Up GitHub script-shop

As of 12/15/2008:
B - Increased pause length after climbing one of Crossings walls. - ST Ed

As of 11/14/2008:
B - Fixed lag/roundtime issues with the new fialed climbing roundtimes. - ST Tim C, and Joseph S

As of 11/9/2008:
B - Fixed a problwem with opening gem pouches that were stowed, not worn. - ST Reznoriam

As of 5/26/2008:
B - Fixed a duplicate Label FERRY_PAUSE:. - ST Sean

As of 5/02/2008:
B - Minor tweak to teachers with no weapons.
S - Added a pause for not having a compendium.

As of 4/02/2008:
B - EXP now uses SKILL.

As of 2/13/2008:
B - Fixed a mistype in a climbing section match. - ST Stasi

As of 2/10/2008:
B - Fixed some trailing spaces causing match errors. - ST Stasi and Mishraen

As of 2/8/2008:
S - Added in Compendium Use as opposed to pattern studying. - ST Ed

As of 2/6/2008:
B - Added routes to get back after climbing two more of the unclimbable embrasures. - ST Ginw65

As of 10/8/2007:
B - Fixed a hang if you are wearing armor while attempting to play music on the gondola. - ST Ed

As of 6/30/2007:
B - Script is now able to recover if you are able to climb one of the embrasures at the West Gate. - ST Ronda

As of 6/25/2007:
S - Fixed a pput typo. - ST S

As of 6/22/2007:
B - Script is now able to recover if you are able to climb the embrasure at the NE Gate. - ST Ronda

As of 6/8/2007:
B - Refixed Script to work with horses detecting you when you hide. - ST Joseph S. and Ryan

As of 3/04/2007:
B - Tweaked golbin fixes to work better. - ST KL

As of 2/25/2007:
B - Fixed a bug with retreating and 'go ' movements in the goblins section. - ST KL
B - Made golbins section retreat on a failed move rather than waiting to be attacked. - ST KL

As of 2/18/2007:
B - Script now does 'pay clerk gold' rather than 'pay clerk'.
B - Revamped Climbing to allow for roundtimes.
B - Script will now buy Origami paper in Leth if you need and can afford it. (Instructions are still up to you.)
S - Reworked all 'waitfor following you' lines.
So now when Ragad chants, ", following you." in an attempt to freeze the script so he can steal from people, it won't work. Of course, you all shouldn't be AFK scripting, but the fact that he's using such blatantly OOC methods pisses me off, I mean I could understand if he dragged you around, at least then he's acting like a real thief by accosting you.
ANYWAY, whether you're AFK or not this would force you to manually go to the next outpost and restart the script, so I do consider it a bug, thus I fixed it. (There will be no fixes for being dragged somewhere.)

As of 1/9/2007:
B - Added climbing of Crossing Gates' Walls. - ST DaMystykal

As of 11/16/2006:
B - Teachers now App Quick, since this gives none traders better exp gain.

As of 11/13/2006:
B - Several more tweaks and changes, streamlining, and fixed a few golbin/brook problems.
B - Renamed Variables from %EZ to %zT to push them to the bottom of SF's Variable List.

As of 11/10/2006:
B - Fixed a hang up caused by Moonie Teachers That can enchant.

As of 11/09/2006:
B - Fixed a very rare bug that caused an origami hang up.

As of 11/08/2006:
B - Fixed a few problems with Partners and trips to Leth.
B - Fixed Arthe Door not opening correctly.

As of 10/18/2006:
B - Scripts now open Arthe's Door since Teamster Kiedral has been closing it.

As of 10/16/2006:
B - Made some streamlining tweaks.
B - Altered study section to work with new P5 outpost chapter.
B - Altered forage sections so you don't completely fill the feebag and weigh yourself down.

As of 3/24/2006:
S - Script now closes worn items after appraisal. - ST JM

As of 12/11/2005:
B - Replaced all "cara" inputs with "caravan". - ST KL

As of 9/11/2005:
B - Reworked skills in Gondola to make sure your done before reaching the other side. - ST KL

As of 9/9/2005:
B - Fixed a small route problem when you have origami paper, but no instructions. - ST EmpathRelindel
B - Fixed a location detection bug in Interprov when just north of Leth. - ST KL
B - Fixed Instrument bug. It now plays 'flashy' instead of 'march'. - ST KL

As of 8/11/2005:
W - Minor tweak to Crossing section. - ST Kristie

As of 8/6/2005:
B - Fixed a bug with a room description messing up origami in the Dirge to Arthe route. - ST Jash Haynes

As of 8/3/2005:
B - Fixed apping section to work with items requiring two hands to wear. - ST Zelaide

As of 8/2/2005:
B - Standard package with Crossing and InterProvential trading only.
ST Everyone at ScriptersDR