All my scripts are global and can be used by any character.

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All scripts are zipped in .zip format.
If you have questions for installing scripts into StormFront see the bottom of the page.

Please remember AFK scripting is strictly against DragonRealms Policy. Read about it HERE.

I have resigned from writing scripts for DR: More details.

A combat script that can use any weapon and many of the more advanced hunting methods. EZhunter for Wizard, SFhunter for StormFront.
Last Update: 08/20/2011
Basic syntax is very simple.
.EZhunter [weapon]
There are many more advanced options. Use .EZhunter HELP for details.
EZtrader - Crossing and interprovential Trading made.... well EZ. This zip contains both the Wizard (EZtrader) and StormFront (SFtrader) versions of the EZtrader script.
Last Update: 11/16/2010
Start the script with no variables and read intro for info on how to use the script correctly.
EZtrain Training script for Crossing, Wizard Version. This is very dumbed down version of SFtrain (Currently stalled, No ETA). I don't plan to make this better, do more, or work differently. Since the EZ and SF version are so radically different keeping them both updated would be far too difficult. I will fix any bugs found, and keep it updated if Simu makes code changes.
Last Update: 07/18/2009 to keep in line with Simu's new EXP system.
Start the script with no variables for usage.
Buy A small script that buys items in stores. .buy [item] [offer amount] [container to put it] (# to buy)
DisarmV20 Disarming for Disarm and Lockpicking 2.0. Yes it is now compatible with the multiple locks.
Last Update: 12/06/2009
.DisarmV20 [YES/NO] [method of disarming] [method of picking] [harvest storage] [pouch type] (person picking for)
Start script without Variable for details.
GEMS This script sells gems.
Last Update: 11/24/2008
Just turn it on at the buyer.
Forage An all purpose Foraging script. Turn it on and it will give you instruction on how to use it.
Harvest Created to sell trap pieces. It doesn't include all trap parts as of now but is workable.
Last Update: 8/6/2008
.Harvest [container you keep parts in]
Herbs A very modified version of the "herbpouch" script found on DRsecrets. I streamlined it and added options for skipping certain sections, plus it checks to see if you all have an item before buying/foraging/making it. OUT OF DATE
Internal A script that heals all internal wounds and scars by casting on every single body part. Yes a waste of time when you can simply have someone check you and then cast on individual areas, but useful when you have time to burn. Created by my good friend Jeorgie Burrfoot. Just turn it on.
Lockmakin A script that makes lockpicks. .Lockmakin (where to put finished lockpicks) (type of keyblank) (how many to make) All Variables are optional.
Lootall Loots a room of EVERYTHING valuable. ALL skins, ALL boxes, ALL gems, arrows, bolts, j/k gweths, scrolls, tablets, runes, everything. .Lootall (main container) (type) (gem container) [(type) ( secondary container)] [] is optional.
Powerwalk Two version, EZ for Wizard and SF for StormFront. EZ walks 5 rooms and backtracks. SF walks as many as 50 rooms, you pick how many, then backtracks. SF will also train Empathy though it doesn't have stun detection.
These scripts can be started in any room in the realms that have normal direction exits.
.EZwalk [exp check] // .SFwalk (# rooms) [Empathy] [] is optional.
Scrape A scraping script originally from DRsecrets. I modified it for streamlining plus added the ability to create multiple bundles, AND it catches that nasty change from sheepskin to sheepskin pelt. (Provided you give it the fourth variable.)
Last Update: 07/18/2009
.scrape (skin/hide/pelt) (quick/normal/careful) [(bun) (sheepskin)] [] is optional.
Scrapem An exact copy of the Scraping script above except that it checks for Mechanical Lore Experience rather than Skinning.
Last Update: 07/18/2009
Syntax is the same as Scrape.
SewerTravel A quick and easy script to get from one tier to another via Ratha's Sewers. Created by Reorex. .sewertravel.wiz
Take A script created for young empaths. It will touch a person and take their wounds one at a time until they are clean. I plan on modifying this one more in the future. .take (patient)
Take2 Take2 is designed for the speed healer in all of us. It rapidly takes all external/internal wounds, waits for them to finish being taken, then strips the patient of their scars. .take2 (patient)
Title A script created for quick and easy reference for titles to guilds and circles. It has also been deisgned to be able to list all titles available to you in a short amount of time. .title [guild/title/check(all optional)]
TrackScare Designed to track the Scarecrow in Arthe Dale. Start this script at the Arthe Dale Gate, or one of the rooms the scarecrow is in. .TrackScare (rank to train scouting to[optional])

Installing Scripts into StormFront

Unlike Wizard, getting a script to run in StormFront is not as simple as dropping it into a folder on your computer, here are the steps to follow to import a new script into StormFront.

First download and unzip the script/s you want to use in StormFront, then log in to DragonRealms using StormFront.
1)Click the "Options" button in the top right of SF.
2)Select "Scripts..."
3)In the new window click the "Import" button on the bottom left.
4)Select Wizard (yes, Wizard) and click "Okay"
5)Browse to the location of the .cmd of the script/s you want to import, highlight all of the ones you want, and click "Open".
6)You may or may not receive a pop-up asking if you want to overwrite previous versions, if you do simply confirm it.
7)The game will freeze momentarily while the script/s upload, then you'll get confirmation text in the game window.
8)Viola, you're ready to use your scripts.

Special note: Never, NEVER. Open a new script/edit window and copy/paste script text from a text editor into the SF "edit" window. This can, and has, caused numerous coding issues that can break the script.


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